On December 17th, 2012, The Star online reported,” Malaysia has moved up six notches to 54th place in the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2012 which is conducted by Trans­parency International (TI).We share the slot with turkey, Czech Republic and Latvia, and just ahead of Cuba). Mind you, this is the position, from top downwards, as contrast to a score of 49 out of 100 points.

Our papers praised it as a “jump”, but the Edge reported as a “slip”. The confusion was the change of methodology in 2012, where the personal bribery survey index was excluded. If we took the personal grand corruption of US 40, US 100 b and many other billions of national treasures into private coffers or coffins. We had to screw up our perception to claim it was an improvement. Despite our modest GDP, we produce some of the world’s billionaires. In 2011, the survey was out of 183 countries and 2012, it was 176 countries, which were seven countries less. The International Corruption Perception Index defined Corruption as “abuse of entrusted power for private gain.” With that definition in mind, you could judge for yourself whether it was a “jump” or “slip.” We might score 21 not 49!


We could console ourselves by defending that no country had a perfect score, not even the tranquil New Zealanders. Singapore was among the top, had they spent less time in strange beds. Some surveys alleged they were too busy having sex, not with spouses, but the extras and the under aged. They deposited their “seeds” into the wrong banks, causing demographic fall, providing opportunity for our brains to replenish the numbers.

Logically, this country would have a higher percentage jump, due to the prevalence of Good Wives Club, the promises of virgins. good social welfare systems with frequent hand-outs.  I must admit some sour grapes. On the day of End Of The world, it would make no differences. Unfortunately, all ending had a new beginning.

Today is the beginning of the world or rather the continuation of a World Upside down.

That reminded me about Jimmy Cliff Lyrics;


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