Shang Palace, Shangrila Hotel Revisited

I like Shangrila, KL, for its beautiful small garden, overlookng the KLTower, and the maze. And its lounge and decor were truly majestic. The huge bowl of Lily was truly enchanting.






Last evening was the last day of Chinese New Year, or the eve of the Lunar Lantern Festival. We visited Shang Palace for our dinner – gastronomic delight, wine, poetry and a good partner was part of our meaning of life. And, for chinese, the grand children, and daughter and her family.

The Trio Combination Platter was ordinary: scallops topped with meat, dumpling with fish, and layers of spongy gluten.
The second dish was Doubled-boiled fish maw soup, with dried scallops and cabbage, which was palatable, but not exquisite.
The third was poached slice cod with winter melon. This simple soup was excellent.
The next was abalon, fish maw, sea cucumber and dried scallop. The abalon was excellent, but only a humble slice, but the sea cumcumber was thich and generous, with mushroom and again fish maw. Expensive ingredients, but taste was just above average. It was then followed by braised noodle with large fresh prawn. Excellent dish with generous portions. We kept the other dish for my lunch today. The dessert was chillded chinese herbal jelly, a little bitter but offset by the honey.
The menu was priced at Rm238 per person ++, but with a 50% promotion, there’s no ground for complaints at all. Despite the cost, it was packed, and service was still good.

2 thoughts on “Shang Palace, Shangrila Hotel Revisited

  1. wonkywizard Post author

    Ian, The Lunar Lantern Festival not only marked the end of Chinese New Year. The beginning of another year is traditional Chinese Valentine, with significance of full moon. Glad you like the pics .


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