With our eyes, we see the world not eye to eye;
We hear with our ears, but not listen to the cry.
With our nose, we think more than smell;
Truth and half truth are often hard to tell.
Fine cuisine, in delight, we taste;
In haste we eat or end in waste.
We seek what we wish to find;
Divine religion as enshrined.
If lack the art to ask smart;
Your mind is falling apart.
We knock at every door;
Found nothing to adore.
Who are we? Ask again;
Who we are is truly sane.

4 thoughts on “WHO ARE WE?

  1. motloungmaditjhaba

    nicely said…word up and it is pretty amazing to find someone using human senses to paint a picture with words.I really enjoyed reading your poem and please keep them coming because Im inspired.


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