The breeze hummed outside the windows;
Fronds played ghosts with their shadows.
Lightning and thunder pounded their might;
Prayed the angry gods targeted the right site.
How my darlings spent their restive fortnight.
With no scooter ride in home confined to excite.
Puzzled how the bad witch infected her mouth;
Blisters and craters, pain to partake and shout.
Locked herself in room, the baby sister be well;
For a six year-old, her love really rang the bell.
Toddler sends messages from balcony to shutter.
Wishing big sister well and out on scooter together.

NB Recently, my elder granddaughter suffered from Hand, Foot and Mouth disease, was was barred from attending her kindergarten. Her toddler sister was also prevented from attending her pre-kinder schools as preventive health.

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