Recently a friend gives me an advanced electronic gadget that can tap phone messages between presidents and head of state. I overhear a conversation between the US President and Kim:

“Hello Kim. This is President Obama calling from the most powerful nation in the world. For the sake of peace, I am not responding to your demand. You have frightened the whole world with your nuclear threat. We are all very scared. Even my neighbor’s dog cannot sleep well. Can you resist from pushing your bloody button? God bless America. God bless the Koreans.”

“Hello President. I have been waiting from your call desperately. No more war games in my front yard. You cut off all my money supply to buy designer good from the decadent west. You can’t take me for granted. If you are good to me, more fatherly, I will deactivate the firing missile now. We shall discuss about money and food later, when the valium works.”

Of course, that is an imaginary conversation, and hope people won’t ask for sources. It appears difficult for a Peace Laureate to initiate the move to call first. American and the President are too proud to do that, even though it may save many innocent lives. It is much easier to blame China for not pushing its neighbor hard enough, and I don’t think Kim can be push around or stress further, for the megalomaniac boy feels powerful playing his nuclear toys, with possible missile warhead delivery. Perhaps these missiles can’t reach the US, but Japan will be close enough. In a closed up system, it is difficult to expect them to imagine what the scenario may turn up, if Kim really activates his war machines. The country has long lists of “anniversary dates” to commemorate “great leaders”, but they forget they are not firing firecrackers.

The mad world is going upside down, with American having War Games everywhere, especially in front of China, naming the ancient kingdom as “currency manipulator”, “cyber hacking”, and “cheaters”. The Chinese have their counter war games too, but the verbal attack on the US is not as personal, and without racial slurs. The Japanese wants to rewrite world history. Some smaller nations have wishful thinking. The whole Middle East is in turmoil, with no promise of “spring”. We fear that the games may misfire, especially those with nuclear power. Diplomacy is full of threats and shows of power. Even religious leaders, including Peace Laureates, are full of holes, rather than holy. How are we to live our best in such scenario?


  1. Y.C. Kan.

    Doc, In pomo terms,it heralds the playing of the ‘end game’ and bringing ‘the end of history’.Sabre rattling gives of sparks and may fire-up the neighbours’ courtyard only, leaving big brother safe from harm.

  2. wonkywizard Post author

    Thanks Kan for the comment. The recent wikileaks shows big brother has a kind of “split”, don’t really want world peace, but to get benefit or opportunity out of chaos.

  3. The Emu

    You summed it all up perfectly, the world is in chaos, the United Nations is powerless, money and greed is behind most of American ideologies, Religion is behind many conflicts. Mankind has not evolved, one could think we are fast approaching Armageddom. Technology has only allowed our international proliferation into a dangerous arena.
    Like the Vietnam war, wars make money for the economy, America did profit.

  4. wonkywizard Post author

    Emu, excellent comment.There are progressive emerging forces, even in American, around, but the media, incl e-media, is not supportive to their growth. Religion (re, ligare) is repeatively tied to their own dogma, rather than thinking afresh, and repeatively read, reflect and contemplate on issues. In a world of uncertainty and constant fluxes, people naturally search for psychological shield, despite the false promises.


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