This is my first time to visit Arthur’s Bar. I thought it was just another bar for snacks and steak. We take the non smoking seat away from the lounge, just near the rear window with over looking views of the streets and views and people outside. We are seated on comfortable high tables and chairs.

We have a bot of Deaken Estate Pinor Noir 2011 at Rm145. Bread with tomatoes puree is nice. We share half a doz oysters,a bowl of mushroom soups (excellent), a 800gm grilled lobsters (fresh and very tasty), a large portion of angus steak, a double expresso with hot milk. The whole meal cost us Rm380 with wine, with 50% discount on food bills.

We could not finish the bot of wine and lobsters, and asked to wrapped home. Today, we add some vegetables, prawns and lobsters to our noodle for our dinner. It taste equally good.

I think Arthur’s has more value for money than Lafite.Unfortunately my prestige card ends by September this year, so no more such discounts in future.

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