Last evening I took my daughter’s mother for a Japanese meal at Zipangu Restaurant, at Shangrila Hotel, K.L. It’s good that we honour our mother/wife for their sacrifices over the years, even though they often confuse their dual roles of mothering and companionship to their hubbies. Perhaps it is partly biological and partly social that nagging is part of mothering. Maybe it’s the hormones that makes them less sure of themselves. Their partners do age and decay simultaneously, but with a different falling curve, and the look of younger lass helps that denial.Fortunately, there’s a father’s day next month, then wedding anniversary, birthdays, and strange people don’t celebrate divorce day, which may be good for some couples. Some females clients consult me for supply of anti depressants and tranquilisers prescribed by their own doctors.The relationship is indeed ill, but it puzzles me that they have to play the sick role of taking medication so doggedly alone.Certainly the choices available are much more, only if they are brave to face it. Counselling can be very frustrating task, and I am not an expert in it. It is much easier for them to swallow tablects, than to work together to solve, or have their own autonomy or lives. Nagging maybe therapeutic, but often not to the listeners. Unguided psychodrama often ended in physical and verbal abuse, and it is very time consuming, and very expensive.Lorenzo psychometrics is a very usueful tool, but training is too long.Neverthelss I always find it useful in parenting and martital skills. It is how you place yourself or measure yourself in the relationship at home and in the community.

Here the train of thoughts have strayed, but not the conduct. Well, we both enjoy the meals:
1.Tempura Set menu, with 2 appetisers; three kinds of sashimi (2 pieces each), tempura (praws, fish, squid, aspagaragus, pickcles, eggplants, shitake mushrooms, lotus), soup, foie gras, dessert.
2.stir-fried sliced stirloin (Aust. Wagyu), with onions, and vegetables
3. Duck meat and goose liver.

With a 50% discount the total bill was Rm 182 (A60) for both. Frankly, without the discount, it’s too expensive, when retirement begains in another year or two. Enjoy the dine,tea and relationship, for Change, always surprises.


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