There are thousands of hobbies, and photography (whether food, scenaries, animals, humans) is just one of them.I am uncertain whether I suffer from mental disorder by taking these food pictures, or my visitors who come to look at them! Or the experts who write about them, for they are nothing better to write or say. If I am showing off by taking pictures of what I eat, maybe it’s a character problem or somekind of deficiency needs.However, if I am sharing with the others who are interested, or it may be an attraction to bring some to my blog, I am uncertain whether I need the consult those nut doctors.
Bascially we have 5 or more sense organs, and gusta-olfactory is just one of them.Let see what Dr. Taylor reported in the Canadian Obesity Summit.

There were qualifications: IF, food is your central interest at the expense of your background (people, events, circumstances), then you meet the expert’s criteria. And that includes food tattoes (I don’t know what my tattoee friends will comment) and food fetishism. Frankly I am at a loss what he is trying to get at. Obsession and indulgence in anything, not just food, or photography related may cause psychological problems. However without these two vices, what is life then.
My forum is about philosophing about Meaning of Life, for we need some doses of those two vices, not only to enjoy life but also to succeed. Maybe it’s over indulgence and over obsession, that’s the cause of problem. Sense appreciation and sense indulgence require skill, will and right balance. I have many freinds who are gastronomic idiots, and they also do not suffer from mental disorder.It is a disorder only when your own life, family or communal life is in disorder.

Food lovers are not necessary obese, or even overweight. Infact, lately I lost some weight, despite I eat well, simply by cutting off sugars and carbohyrates, but increase protein intake.Exercise alone do not help to reduce weight so much. Infact even obsession or indulgence in exercise may also be an early sign of mental problem – it all depends how each indvidual takes his sports. We don’t take photographs, or partaking food, or exercise in the absence of relate interactions. Feel safe to visit my food blog, but do make some comments about the food or writings.

This evening I took my wife to Zipangu again, before my 50% discount expires in September. We order a set of Teppanyaki at Rm160, Salmon belly Rm65, and braised oxtail Rm48. The total meal is Rm158 (A53) for couple in a good environment. Well, if that is a sign of mental illness, allow me to die happy than sad.

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