Paraphrasing from the philosophers:
You are what you eat. An unexamined food is not worth partaking.We have the same physiological needs of hunger and satiation, but different wants and choices.We share the same heritaage and identity by dinning together.
I thought the creator made us as omnivore, and I stayed contented, but it did not imply no ethics or aesthetic in food consumption. Gastronomic pleasures enhances relationship, especially in a family of taste-minded ones.Of course, you could not enjoy the delight without beer, wine or whisky, and poetry, or just simple godsibing. chose food with lower glycemic index, or take less, omega 3, less carbo and more protein.And exercise, of course, Strange that people turned food into political, religious, issues. Life is already hard, don’t complicate it. Sharing good meals together are good de-stress, better than tranquiliser.

If you wish to have a good seafood meals, with good beer, wine (even by the glass), good coffee, at affordable prices, this supermarket is worthy of a visit during meal time. I love the imported mussles from USA, with butter-miso sauce, beer from all over the world. You have to find your own dinning table, and during peak hours, you may have to wait.

I returned to KL and have an excellent dish of braised oxytail, and following week an exquisite dish of stewed ox tongue, both stocks are salivating. In both dishes, the collagen are broken down to gelatin. The former has both water content, a little fatter, whereas the tongue is naturally more muscular but very tender.They involve long, slow cooking process (pot roasting), so better get them in a good restaurant than home, if you have time and enjoy cooking.

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