Culturally, most Asian ladies are confined to their houses for a month post-partum. To the western educated and westerners such practices appear restrictive or uncalled for. These preventive health measures and strict dietary guides do have their reasons. With almost 40 weeks of gestation, and a parasitic foetus, the mother requires full rest, nutritional augmentation, physical, emotionally and nutritionally recovery. Those who can afford will employ a nanny for a month to assist nursing mothers in the care of the new-born, such as feeding, bathing and advices in breast feeding, special diet, herbal soups and bath for mothers. Despite the high cost (about Rm2500 to Rm3000 per service of 30 days, plus a bonus to bless the ending of services; in Singapore it will be dollar for ringgit), these confinement nannies, esp. the experienced ones, are on high demand. If the confinement falls on Chinese festive New Year, the fees will be double. It is no doubt very well paid, but it’s truly hard earning for a living, depriving sleep and rest, for it is 24 hrs. Stay-in for a month.
Sometimes these nannies may have to cook for other members of the family too, depending on the bargain. Last week-end I delivered one such nanny from Malaysia to Singapore to my daughter, when she gave birth to her son, her third child. It cost her S2500, but transport to and fro is provided. Fortunately for her, she is quite a lady, good in taking care of both mother and child, and a good cook too. My daughter breast feed all her babies for several months, so alcohol was never allowed, except in cooking (most spirits are evaporated). Some mothers could consume up to a dozen bottles of DOM (Benediction) x 1 L or Brandy equivant amount, with lots of ginger and sesame oil.

Here is a picture of my grandson, requested by my Aussie friend, another grand pa. Two pictures of the girls, aged 6+ and 2+ are included. They are both very efficient with their scooters and I have a hard time chasing after them in the park. On the walls hang two imitation prints of grandmasters.

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