My grand newphew is going to US for his Engineering course. I invited his whole family here for a dinner. I think it’s the first time they have been here, and they are thrilled by the place and dine. Well, I have used up my last 50% discount voucher.

To enjoy a good dine, find a safe place, with convenient parking. Enjoy the ambience of the room, the company, the chinese tea and food. Service is good, but is understaffed, and fancy the chef is a little reluctant to share some of his recipee, as if we can cook to his standard. They are still short of being a fine dine; fine cuisine, yes.

I like the Imperial Robe, the vase and calligraphy in the room, which is large and confortable, with armchairs. The flower/plants in the lobby are always impressive.

We had Roast Beijing Duck, wrapped up in starch pancake, with sauce and salad; the meat cut into cubes and fried with pepper. Needless to comment, the duck is not Beijing standard, but it’s one of the best in KL, esp. the wrappers. We were served two pieces each, quite a big duck. We had Dim Sum, “Salivating Duck” (with mixtures of wine and sauce, he wont reveal his trade secret.Should ask the chef to open Kimono.) Roast pork, prawns, lotus and other vege fried with nuts, seafood pot, durian pancake, herbal jelly (a little bitter, but goes well with honey, but I prefer plain).


  1. wonkywizard Post author

    Thanks Ian. Nine, in Chinese homophonic pronunciation Jiu, implies everlasting.Some numbers are considered lucky and some unlucky due to association of homophonic words.


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