I am infallible.
Don’t tempt me
to fall
into the hole,
the sin,
polluted sinkholes.
My life is
white sheet in snow,
pure pious prostration.
I am holy,
not without holes,
build barriers,
chant and follow
precepts and concepts.
Don’t lure me to
the temptations,
the spirit is strong,
but the body weak.
My spirituality,
bleached, secretive,
born again,
so untouchable,
until you show me,
hell, the fire of

2 thoughts on “INFALLIBLE

  1. wonkywizard Post author

    Emu, I think that’s a belief of believers, rather than specific to any religion.If my understanding of Buddihism is not miscontrued, Buddhists have no such belief, for believe means to hold for psychological or varied kind of security. Buddhism teaches about causal conditionality and non attachment even to their dhamma.Belief also means faith, whether wise or vice, positive or negative, humanism or otherwise.Nirvana means “no air”.Misplaced faith or no faith are full of airs.Pardon me, if my frankness has done offence to some.

    If I may add, some of my poems used the First Person, others used Second or Third, naarative. The “I” is full of airs in this poem. In my re-tiring years, the tyres are deflating, liked the tired ego.

    Thanks again for the frequent interaction.


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