Died In the sands of Singapore
Melquiades left his parchment,
the alchemy, deep in the swamps,
for the wise and diligent
to discover, magic and wisdom,
the rebirth of another
city state. The ancient prince,
by the power of a company clerk,
transformed the cat he saw
into a lion, and named it so,
and hocus pocus,
the tears of the mentor,
yellow petals and gold fishes,
into a merloin. Accepted
hard working coolies and rejects,
from coastal China, the brains
from the north and nearby land,
without discrimination of colour,
turning the barren into a
modern metropolis, a tiny
dotty island, called united
constituencies, lasting
almost half a century.
It will endure, as long as
aware of genealogical
incest and corruptions,
of small varied population,
able to internally tuned,
externally re-wired in an
ever changing world.


  1. Y.C. Kan.

    The sequel to the story. Merlion meets Iskandar.New genre – Romantic financial thriller or a novel of double jeopardy Your guess?

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Iskandar opens the door for a win-win in the magical game, provided the fish is not melted into gold before sale, with a 30% discount, I guess. Melquiades placed more faith in the Sands of Singapore, not north or elsewhere. Maybe you write your fourth genre as a continuation.


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