Slept for ten hours straight last night, but still tired. Rushed to run my regular charity free clinic, without cappuccino. It could be the caffeine withdrawal, for I had sipped countless cup of Italian double espresso for my week’s trip. I bought myself a cup or a lager, whenever I had frequency. It made sense and cents to pay for the drink than paying for the toilet, and the diuresis worked for mutual benefits, too well for my first day, with rain for half the day. How romantic it was to carry umbrella walking in the rain, going from one square to another square, until the head and eyes went round and round, trying to follow the group (25 of us),while snapping pictures of Piazza Novonna, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps. Despite the rain, large crowd of people from all over, visited this magnificent city. Couldn’t understand why Italy got into bankruptcy, with so many tourists, on buying craze on all their expensive designer products .My craze was on their food, wine and coffee. These entire collective craze really made a democracy. The reasons might be more than the siesta, their ex-PM womanising around, or end of colonialism, or some corrupt reasons similar to fall of the Roman Empire or any empire. Indeed we visited the colossal but ruined Pantheon and the Coliseum. Lots of Bengalese and Africans were doing their petty trading on made-in-China memorabilia. No fine dine was served in a tour group, but the food was good enough, and there was an evening with Florentine steak, wine and music. I bought my own wine in some meals. Gelato ice cream was smooth and creamy, a little sweet. Squid ink Pasta was worthy of mention, but it would be nice to add some squid or sea food. I wasn’t quick witted enought to add for the extra and, of course, pay for it. Prosciutto was too salty for me, and it must go with wine. Nice to chew some of their chest nuts while walking in the rain. The pizza was crispier than available elsewhere, with more varieties and choices. The interesting thing in going in a group is the hazardless convenience of having a good tour leader, and meeting many younger people, knowing a little about them, including their buyology. Despite the huge influx of tourisim, Italians have yet to learn some English or Chinese. Hardly any English or Chinese in their TV programma, or any social interaction.

2 thoughts on “HOLIDAY IN ITALY: ROME I

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      I saw the legs (ham) hanging in the shops. In Rome,my first leg of trip, I bought 200 gm, but it’s too salty to take without wine. My partner whined about salt and hypertension. You need a group of friends to share, but many are too divine to indulge in such dine.


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