The Leaning Tower is a virile phallic symbol of this city. It attracted people and money from all over the world. It was constructed in 1170 as a Bell Tower for the nearby church. Tuscany is a place famous for wine, and the famous. I would be surprised if the architects then were not binging when they made their calculations for the foundation. Due to the porous clay soil and defective water drainage, it titled several meters, but restoration work was done to strengthen the foundation, and the tilt reverted slightly. No cracks were detected by my naked eyes. Believers thought it was due to some holy “miracles “. Lots of locals and tourists came here to straighten that tower in their own ways – their posturing and gesture in their photo dramatic game. There were unsound people who attempted to right the tower properly. It was the sexy imperfection that lures the crowd; any perfection might render it an ordinary tower. When one gazed (through the small camera aperture) the slant tower too frequent, you felt it was the nearby church that tilted instead. Great place except the commercial activities, and the littering in Italy was a little better than in my home town. The regret in travelling with a tourist agency was the Tower was our only destination in Pisa, no cheese and wine in their farm houses.

2 thoughts on “ITALIAN HOLIDAY: PISA 3

  1. aussieian2011

    Thanks for an elightening post on Pisa my friend, apart from the lack of wine and cheese it still must have been a memorable sight, seems littering is a worldwide problem but one would think it would be kept to a minimum, around a great international tourist site like the Pisa.
    Ian aka Emu

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Thanks for liking the post. Wine and cheese are available in every corner, but I just can’t sip all the way, except during dinner. Bought one piece of cheese with truffle, and a few bot of vintage wine home.


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