Landscape seen through a glass window;
the wide social network flows, illuminating
homographic crowd in shows. Interactions,
hobbies and interests take sides, heads bog
down in over sensitive situations, ego factors
fall out of belonging, find unfulfillment, build
isolated islands. Even hermits change their
attitudes meditating in solitude, meaningless to
live in molehill mountains. Six billion bulbs,
fancy can’t find a few that glows and warms
one’s heart. The slow nagging down feel, cry
out for that strange fairness,but,seeps deeper into
the marrow, and the soul suffers a caffeine-like
withdrawal. Stay engage to get back the kick,
even if support is harder to come by with the
impending and uncertain changing of clothes.

4 thoughts on “LONELINESS

  1. wonkywizard Post author

    Friends and fiends, a letter amiss;
    Binary opposites are best dismiss.
    Some stiff tongue simply cannot roll;
    The run of black humour, full of holes.
    It may not meant to be unkind;
    Take it as a challenge to the mind.

    Thanks Elvis.


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