Severe pain woke him,
the vomits splashed,
over the bowl and floor,
never happened before.
Self assured when settled
fast, no fuss until it recurred
thrice in a month, the fear of
medical prison in post pension.
Family record was malignant,
lost weight and waist, until
the pants dropped. Had lived life
to the full, and would be a fool, if
lacked guts to scope and scan the
body. The culprit was not the
feared, unspeakable big C. The scan
showed foie gras, rest considered
normal. It was strange role reversal,
the bacteria ate, without causing
deep puncture holes in stomach.
Felt fast relieved , without his usual
letting go. Without fear to moderate,
the urgency of change, the lifestyles,
the placing of priorities, the second
chance of living were mere passing
moments, until tidal wave arrived.

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