Singapore boasted another World’s superlative – the largest aquarium and “window to the Ocean”. Despite its geographical smallest, it has the best security and safety, best education, good GDP and exchange rate, almost corruption free (rather it has gone sexual), good health system and housing (but expensive), garden-city, stable and good governance, many leisure places favourable for families, but the BBC reported the people was not “happy”. Unfortunately, the media never mentioned their methodology for “happiness”, a index not easy to measure, except in the small kingdom of Bhutan (Do we need to be poor to be happy? Anti -progress to be happy?) We, therefore can only guess. The striving to be No 1 in so many things and fields are stressful enough. In many frequent trips here, I could hardly pick up conversations with the local, except in the market places. It would seem that higher education level or professionalism are deterrent factors. Like many places in the world, I observe small scattered pockets of “groupism”, for instance, the expats mainly mix among themselves.

It is certainty worthy of visit with children, preferably not on a busy public holiday, where the queue for purchasing tickets and entry can take hours.


  1. Kan

    A country devoid of corruption is a dangerous place .It’s like an an empty bowl ready to accept gastronomic food to satiate the hunger and be happy and contended in a most decadent manner .Melquiades’s text is arbitrary and structured in logocentricism and provides us the interstitial insertions of the resultant signifiers and metaphors.They have to learn from their neighbour .Only the corrupt can lay claim to being incorruptible!

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Excessive corruption will topple a country, yet the world will not move without corruption of some kind. Purists will die in vacuum. If a country keep removing corrupt officials, then the mediocre will take over. It is hard to find balance.


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