(I have submitted all my manuscripts for publication, which, hopefully will be available by end of the year or early next year. I think there’s a copyright.)

Surrounded by
man-eating sharks,
white angelic jellyfishes and anemones,
psychedelic coloured sea creatures and divers,
my granddaughters were amazed
we remained dry and safe. No leak in the system,
absolutely not allowed. This tiny spot boasted
many of the world’s top, fear
of being dropped or flopped,
in the rat maze of technologies,
where culture was uprooted, and
human touch submerged in oceanic floor,
shipwrecked and formed fossilised reef corals.
the Empire must not sink.
Corruption and “chope” brought society to the brink.
Even my grandson spontaneous’ smiles,
would showed the human world not an aquarium,
where feelings, relations and idiosyncrasies
could be so easily manage, protected and controlled,
liked fishes in experimental marine museum.
The largest window opened from hearts
that were free right from the start.

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