We were invited to this restaurant, together with ten other doctors and their spouses. It was not always easy to get a group of friends dinning and wining together, for they were all busy in their own ways, and had their own family or professional commitments. Asians do spend a lot of time (and money) on meals; westerners are generally simpler, especially with breakfast and lunch, they are happy with sandwiches. I asked one of my British friend, on what he did with the time (travel, parking, eating, socialising) saved from these meals. He replied he worked or read something. In fact many Asians also work (not formally, but related) during meals. You observe that commonly among business people. For me, it’s rest and leisure (gossiping is a relaxation even among men) after few hours of work. Over socialising could also be a waste of time. We need balances, and there were no right formula.

The dine is not fine enough, unfortunately, but we enjoy the company. Boston lobsters was succulent and fresh, but the sweet and spicy sauce spoiled it. Presentation is a culinary art, and it’s best they show it first before they divide the food. A bottle of vintage NZ Sauvignon Blanc and merlot match well with the meals.


  1. wonkywizard Post author

    Thank you. My friends like to invest in properties, shares and professional talks and meeting, whereas I enjoy food, wine, poetry and quality gossiping company.


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