2014 will be another turning point in my life. I shall retire fully before mid year, unless there is a change of decision by the young doctors to take over. My terms are simple. He is trustworthy enough to take care of my patients. Willing to employ my nurse, who has been working for me for 33 years.  There is no good will money. All they have to pay me are the stock in hand, and a small token sum for my old equipment and furniture, and they can pay me in installments. For   a couple of years no doctors appear keen to accept such generous terms. I thought I had to close without offering continuous care to my clients. Today a doctor changes his mind. Perhaps he found out the operating cost was not as cheap as he had expected. Though my practice has never been busy, I enjoy a good lifestyle, without charging too much, and have time to read and write. Most of my poems were written in my clinic hours in between seeing patients. Young people read a lot without understanding about quantity and quality time. There is no separate time. It is also not about multi tasking. It is more about getting in and out of focus, positioning and re positioning, placing and replacing priorities and options, progressing and regressing in change at opportune time. In short, it is the yin and yang, with their conditionality.

In making my EXIT, I have to find another door, or no door at all, to enter. I am now in between nudity and nakedness. My family has a wardrobe of clothes for me to wear – grand parenting roles. It is a challenging work. I can feel the freedom or lack of freedom there. My friends joked that chasing dolls could be more fun than chasing scooters. The dysfunction has to bow down low in order to stand erect in other functional ways.

Firefly[1] imagesCA94ETCF mol slide 1 eternal-life-roadsign


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