A few jokers in a pack
of cards, introduce to enhance
the game, play wild but well,
advance the fun. If unpolished
and act as chosen critique,
hemlock in sweet wine.
Medieval jesters in the canon,
the fine line as entertainers,
hidden fools, the blind that sees
and advises the wise kings
about noble conscience.
Clowns of our modern yankee clan,
a war clone, from ancestor bone,
bow low and speak in soft tone.
In bullokcart places, the bullshits
open loud and wide, liked fallen angels,
bombard their cannon from own asylum.

2 thoughts on “JOKERS IN LIFE

  1. Amy Chong

    Hahahaha! Which Amy…….I have read the poem on the joker in life. Well if I will like to choose…..just be a simple and humble person…..and do the things that makes you happy most. Jokers or king and queen is just a title to me. To the end of the story only the wise men act to the play of the show of showman ship and the best actor will be born. Hahaha! I think my English is very very very bad. I learn to accept that. Cause my parents did give me the precious time to learn but chose to play…….hahahahaha!

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Yes Amy, we do discover our own ways to be happy. Poetry can be boring to some when we do not understand what it is all about. However, it’s a good way to improve English. Life is really a big play. Some play with words, others with pictures. My grand daughters play with their scooters. It is not always easy to play well, and with skills. Don’t you think so?


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