Recently, I attended a medical Talk on Pre-matured ejaculation. The specialist requested my view. There was nothing exciting to view a senior citizen, and he would be happy with ejaculation, without the timing. The prices of consumer products have gone up, and the prime minister of my country has advised citizen to consume more kangkong (water spinach). Instead of transforming into Popeye, their manhood have gone humble and nimble, and we see “No Up”, except the rising cost. Worst, it had affected their spelling, cock for clock (uncertain whether it was biological or cultural constructed – ying or cold elements). They hold the view in their hands so strongly, the standard of English in this country have gone to the dogs. They even spell the last word in the inverse order, and they argue so long that they are the only one entitled in the whole world to do that in non Greek, privileging the Arabs. It’s hard to discuss with hydrocephalic minds, with power the brains really swell with newater.
We either have to shut up to stay, or to stay, we have to shout. What choices do minorities have in a dominant world? The lucky thing for senior citizens is death is near, and, if one is not afraid of death, there’s no reason to be afraid of ghosts.
Lately, my spouse attunes to the Holy Book in my old player. It recited every word perfectly. I salute it’s enlightenment. Since then it has become dysfunctional, and must have ascended into heavenly gate, leaving the old owner suffering in the mundane world.

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