Shedding leaves and fallen fronds paved the walkway;
Verdant avenues provided some shade against the ray.
To her little world, I wheeled the toddler fast;
Giggled with excitement, she talked to the last.
The maid was slower, but faster was her dad;
Glad, language good, right compare but sad.
After class, she turned teacher, and, I, the children;
She wrote blank words on board and asked to recite;
Fun to attend her lessons, relieved when done;
A bright farewell song and play ended in smile.
Life returned full circle, the city jungle in twilight;
Dreams brightened the stars and space at night.

NB The word dream, meng, in Chinese contained two radicals, lin & Xi. Lin carries a double wood, meaning forest, but also the Lin family clan. Xi is dusk or twilight. After my retirement, would I enjoy my day dreams, or would it be a night mare?





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