TWILIGHT IN THE JUNGLE (暮光在叢林中) Poem Translation

This poem is translated by Mdm. Liu May Ling, Toronto, Canada. She has been translating almost all my poems into Chinese, and we have never met or know each other prior this. With much appreciation, I publish her translation.

Shedding leaves and fallen fronds paved the walkway;
Verdant avenues provided some shade against the ray.
To her little world, I wheeled the toddler fast;
Giggled with excitement, she talked to the last.
The maid was slower, but faster was her dad;
Glad, language good, right compare but sad.
After class, she turned teacher, and, I, the children;
She wrote blank words on board and asked to recite;
她寫了空白字在黑板上,並問背誦 ;
Fun to attend her lessons, relieved when done;
A bright farewell song and play ended in smile.
Life returned full circle, the city jungle in twilight;
Dreams brightened the stars and space at night.

2 thoughts on “TWILIGHT IN THE JUNGLE (暮光在叢林中) Poem Translation

  1. Kan

    Blank words on board- the most profound philosophy of education ever taught! You can’t prove you were taught wrongly or ever taught at all.It’s a case of good teacher having a bad student.Familiar scenario?

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      The trouble with education these days, teachers try too hard in their teaching. A little role reversal and play may be fun for both to learn. The 3 year old grand daughter teaches her grand pa without written words! Maybe the narrator twists his poor insight on Zen …


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