As a Malaysian, I have full confidence in our aircraft and pilots, and will usually travel by our National flight, if possible. The sad news about MH370 might not change my confidence in our national flight, but about air safety. Fancy five check-in without going on board, and two on board with faked passports, must have caused lots of interpretation and angst, not only among relatives of the passengers, but almost everybody who travel by air. We take air safety for granted. In fact, lots of people still travel by air despite the fear hanging over them. These people even fly over here from over the world. Accidents would not happen to them but to others. In a globalized world, we couldn’t helped it.
The sad thing about this incident was the leaders remark that ground security would be enforced in future! Now they are doubting their own immigration officers. One would expect that long time ago. What had happened to this country? Lots of arsekickers and fuckwitters are in power of position or influence. They had to open their anus to talk. Even the title of this topic could not be translated in the national language, for it’s now against the law. And ultra man is now banned for the same reason. The word is reserved and restricted.
The politicians spent too much time talking about pooters without proof. It has become a national obsession and Talk of the Day. If we are playing by the rules of the game, then we couldn’t have someone’s rule to overrule. Certainly, it’s never difficult to enact fancy thoughts into Law in a kangaroo court, though we have no kangaroos here, but lots of their nuclear waste!

There was still no news where the “missing plane” might be. The families and their relatives must be in great stress. Let us all pray for them. Hope we would find some survivors.

P/S At tonight press conference, there was still no concrete evidence of what had happened. The five passengers that did not board had their baggage booted out of aircraft, according to aviation rules. The two “faked” passengers was now said to be non Asian looking. The leaders now claimed airport security was at par with the world, face identification was not easy. I think frequent travellers will need a lot of assurance, and it’s not for me as a citizen medium, to comment further. Many nations and their experts are now investigating how is it possible for a plane to go missing in modern technology. The experts remarked that the missing plane was more likely to be submerged in the ocean almost intact, so the parts did not float on the surface yet. Mechanical fault of the aircraft could be the cause.

Again my consolation and blessing for the families of affected passengers; it’s already the third day!

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