We are friends for almost three decades. There was no barrier in socialization, as long there are mutual respect of one another’s culture and faith. In Malaysia, there is no interracial problem at the people’s level, but serious at the political and governmental level, where laws are discriminatory and racial, with disregard of the other. The siblings have started their own humble restaurant in the outskirts of Klang town, and, it is natural for me to patronise them before my retirement. They served western food, but I would suggest they had a few good traditional Malay dishes, or some Malay-western fusion or Malay-Sino or Malay-Indian fusion, to reflect our multiculturalism. The western dishes here were cheap, but it was their side dishes and fruity drinks mix that were worthy of visit. I suggested they used Australian Milo, which was cocoa based, instead of local, palm based, for the taste was better and more fragrant. Lately there was some controversies about pig DNA in Cadbury chocolates, but found it was probably political motivated, for the supposed contaminated sample was obtained in a supermarket, not from the factory. Cadbury is Australian owned. They dumped their nuclear waste in this country! Well, uncertain whether the two events were related or not, but Aussie human rights ignore the other’s right to radiation-free right. We spent only Rm 60 for three people for the many dishes.

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