I am one of the volunteers in this monthly charity clinic for refugee. Today our clients were Chin Christians from Myanmar (Burma) and Christians from Pakistan. They fled their home countries for fear or actual threat of persecution. Malaysia was merely a springboard for such diaspora to the West, mainly America, their “promised land”. The Christian Pakistanis related they were forced to convert, so they fled. It is not easy to understand how the converted could be made happier or the Other happier by seeing the conversion. It may due to rewards and punishment, when these faith enthusiasts misunderstood their own belief. Don’t people of the same faith fought wars due to different interpretations, when their founders do not even write a word in their holy book?

my holy tree

my holy tree

An ex matron who learned about my retirement soon asked, “Don’t you get bored after working for so many years?” The mind does crave for change after prolonged engagement, but the same feeling return after the change, so what do we do? Keep changing? Or look at the boredom, understand it, and that understanding may change the way we look at life. Or even at religion?

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