Mr. Gerry Robert, author of The Millionaire Mindset, is an excellent speaker and marketing man par excellence. We are now living in an audio visual, e media, and network marketing world. I have published my book, Flickering Flame, without marketing and book launch, for it was costly and required some marketing knowledge and skill. Mr. Richard stated it was NOT the book sales that was important (means money making), but the strategies and marketing around the book. It was alarming to learn that he stated that contents contributed 10% and marketing 90% to the success rate of a book. When questioned on that point, he restated that the importance of contents was often over rated; and the authors were not required to be too proficient in the language or grammar. In other words, they were not meant to be creative literary writers. Books are published primary for profit and for recognition as an “expert” by the industry and society. The author’s book was liked a signature call-card, an icon, with declaration of expertise, whether real or imagined. In the long workshop, he provided highly structured templates for writing, which would be good for beginners or school children. With that structure, every Tom and Dick could write, only how well or bad. He discussed on book titles and cover; ways to get funds, endorsement and selling ads before the book was even published or penned. His marketing strategies were novel and book launch was something I have learned. To publish a book by his company, Black Card, would charge Rm 60,000. The assumption was once your book is published, you will become rich. That assumption was taken at face value. It would be a dream and passion fulfilled. Though the hefty sum included many services, it was not affordable for many. Nevertheless, at least thirty people signed up! They were all moved up to the front row with tables amidst applause from the rest from the herd. We shall soon witness another batch of millionaires in the country; or millions in the air. Many people have subconscious dreams to be an author, and Gerry was good in his persuasion to move their passion into action. He joked that his son commented that he had produced more writers than readers, and what he didn’t mentioned was many of these authors were not quite at par as writers, but who cared about that as long as money flowed into their bank account and the recognition was there in the market in their field of expertise. Another assumption was you need not read much and your book will be done in forty days, reminiscent of our fast food era. We heard only stories and testimonial of successful people that were trained in his programme. The hall was packed mainly by the young and middle age of both sexes, across the racial divide.
The meeting was held in Grand Hyatt Hotel; its 38th floor had a captive and panoramic view of our Twin Towers, the phallic and power image of our ex- leader. The lunch and rest provided some leisure to look at those assumptions. Pay Rm60K, you will publish a book, and assume you will grow rich and famous, and sit among the millionaires and celebrities in the front row of society. For a retiree there is not much assumptions to be made, though I learn some marketing and public speaking skill from Gerry


  1. szeyeen

    Sounds like a successful motivational speaker rather than a publisher. The RM60K will not doubt contribute to his millions.

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      I think he is both a speaker and a marketing man. Very impressive and easy to get caught in his persuasion. The author puts his signature on the book and is therefore responsible for his work. The author then does the marketing and sales based on his own integrity and expert knowledge, if any. Rm60K is a big commitment for a dream and passion, and hopefully not a nightmare for some.


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