Memphis Bistro, P.J.

It’s good to have regular retirement. You get more invitation and you reciprocate the good will, with better dine and wine. On Friday I was invited by my sister to this Bistro at Ara Damasara, along the road to Subang Jaya Airport. Fortunately I insisted that the invitation should come with free transport. Sure enough, the traffic was congested at the evening peak hours. Younger drivers know how best to wriggle their ways between rows of cars along different lanes. If you drive gentlemanly, (my niece-in-law was the driver), it will take longer to reach your destination. People don’t factor the time for traffic, for the adrenalin rush makes the daily lives more exciting. Malaysian drivers are reckless and they cut across any space, even emergency lanes, as long as the law is not there.( Motor cyclists are notorious for that, and they have more death and accidents than other vehicles.) Or you just pay in cash or in kind – a few rare memorable events worthy of living in this country.

This Bistro was situated in a quiet shopping centre in the evening; perhaps the only place opened at this hour. I was told the security there was safe. You need some alcohol to share such confidence in this country. In my retiring years, with less cash in wallet, I hope the robbers would not have undue expectation of me, especially when we were driven in a big expensive car. These robbers injured and even killed before robbing. This Bistro is worthy of visit, for the prices for their menu were relatively cheap; the appetizer was good, soup and main course were acceptable.


  1. szeyeen

    The name is misleading. One would expect Southern American fare and burgers. For the price , it’s good value for money. Where’s the white ?

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Bistro means small cheap and quick eating place, not necessarily serving south American fare and burgers. In that sense it is not a misnomer. Some called bistro, but charged expensive. I kept my white for tonight’s dinner.

      1. szeyeen

        It’s the Memphis I was referring to. The word Memphis evokes images of Elvis, cowboy hats and boots, country songs, burgers, tacos and all Southern American fare.

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