Many well wishers greeted me in the last two weeks, patients and non patients. After 34 years of private practice and 6 years of government work (both Australia and Malaysia), it’s time to code switch and retire in grace. With 6 thousand new graduates (western trained medical) and perhaps another thousand or two Traditional Chinese, Malay and Indian medic every year, the market is over supplied with seasoned and rejects. Currently we have 33 medical schools, out of a population of some 26 million, plus another few millions of illegals.

I did not sell my clinic; I gave it away to a couple I hardly knew. She just paid for my stock ending half yearly, plus Rm 10 K for my equipments and furnitures. In return, they took care of my two nurses, who worked for me for 34 years, and provided continual care for my patients, and rental to my nephews (landlords). I have no hassle over the paper works. I just do not wish to put goodwill in monetary terms. Trusted care is what I hope for. Without some small monetary loss, there will be no gain or benefit in retirement. A lot of things to catch up in life, and time is not always at my discretion or control. Though we all have freedom of choices, but destiny (“ming”) is the forerunner, followed by opportunity and luck, then locality, connection, merits, and finally only your skill and knowledge. No wonder so many stupid people succeed. If you don’t believe me, just look at the quality of our politicians, across all races and religions. Just wonder, is the creator doing His work at all!? O yes, He works in strange ways, strange indeed when they kill each other in His name!


  1. C.K Kow

    Hi Dr. Lim
    Happy retirement! Thank you for your support the past 27 years. Yup, I started
    covering you when I was a sales rep. with D.H.A. Have always enjoy my monthly
    visit to see you. Once again, happy retirement!

  2. szeyeen

    The word success has different meaning to different people. For some their success is heavily weighted on others’ perception of their “achievements”. There is no guarantee these folks are happy with their “success”.
    Happy retirement. Enjoy your next phase of life journey!

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Thanks for sharing your view. Our world revolves around recognition (literally meaning thoughts that ignite). My first day in retirement is spent shopping with my wife and helps to carry her burden. She recognises that, and to her, a success. Last night, I slept well, and to me, a success.

  3. Kan

    Important to differentiate what retirement and re-tire meant.Cheers! You are still a doctor! Instead of giving medicine to some, you can dispense poetic justice to many.

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Re tire ment: re means repeated or start afresh; does retirement means to get tired by doing another work, which has financial gain? or you change into new tyre, with new movement ? or start something afresh? The narrator believes some of his poetry are poetic medicine. If we wish to change our society, we have to counter the hegemony.


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