This poem is inspired by a young friend. We mind journey together. It is written to help him find the markers, since I am already retired, and not keen to return to “the rivers and lakes” unless necessary.


Stress, sow and reap,
breed thoughts:
desire, freedom from illnesses,
illusion of purity and perfections,
conflict begets fear and uncertainties,
when mind is uncontrolled and in rage,
the released energy, tremendous, empower
runs of routine, over doses of harming
habits, in endless, senseless and
seemingly benign, but run-away, rituals:
washing, gourmandizing, binging, gambling,
praying, with weird goals and wasted time.
The initial calming, cooling breeze,
burn and hot with perspiring, persistent
drama. The desire no longer satisfy the
need. The storyline or theme change course,
may extend to other objects, yet disorder
remains same. The rewards morph into punishment,
the fire of anger, gathers energy and flame,
burns inwards into self hurt, and doubt personal identity,
indulgence in finger pointing to dear ones. The drama
of blame and blaming, reluctant to code switch.
Brave enough to take an experiential journey,
into the intricacies of mindset and mind traps,
Explore ways to excise old feeders of habits:
triggers, rituals and transient rewards in perpetual
motion, simple and yet so hard to free the entangle,
skills and mindfulness to discover acceptable ways
of living, in a world of norms and biased rules of game.

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