Home Meals: Ox Tail

My 3+ year grand daughter cried out in frustration that she could not draw as well as her sister. I showed her a picture of her elder sister’s drawing at three, and compared with her present drawing, and asked her comment. It consoled her. Siblings like to compare, and complains it’s not fair; How can it ever be fair, if they don’t learn how best to share. Children must learn to draw, dance and music. They need to learn languages well from the start. Children may read a lot but they are lazy to check the meaning of words they do not really understand. As educator we need to be aware of that. It will be good they learn to explain words on their own terms and understanding. For instance, the word curious. She says she understands the word and meaning but cannot explain it. In other words, she does not really understand it, and it’s a learning fault to claim she does. The very minute one claims understanding, one fails to learn anymore. It is because we don’t understand, we are curious to learn, to find out. We wonder, doubt, and like to ask how, why, what, when. With that background, she moves on to understand other words taught in her class (primary one). Nonsense (no sense), extraordinary (above, beyond; common or ordinary), and move on to understand compound words: creative etc. The same fundamental goes for understanding Chinese, especially the pictorial origin. I must admit I have no pretence to be a teacher. Children must have passion or emotional about words and characters for them to have interest and joy in learning.


  1. Kan

    Compliments to the chef! I can SEE that the oxtail soup is delicious.The painting of the flowers is superb : it belies the young age of the painter.Granddad is a lucky man, good food,good company …

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      My wife is an excellent cook. My eldest grand daughter draws well, but she will require a good art teacher to guide her. She likes dancing too. Granddad is now living in a kids’ world. Spend most of the day reading and walking around, or sipping coffee alone.


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