Malaysians, cry out aloud,
weep, and wail for moth-eaten,
corrosion that will collapse,
the fabric and structure of our society.
Its tentacles spread and putrefy
roots and stems of all branches,
the tree will rot and fall.
Do not cherish wishes,
that you can salvage alone,
the putrefaction has seeped
into the marrow and soul,
the bigotry wild and pretentious.
Wipe off your tears and saliva,
cease finger pointing, derogatory
rhetoric that aggravates trust.
Malaysians of all creed and colour,
transform your tears into rain,
clear the haze over all our heads.

NB. Grammatical error was pointed by Prof Lim  in his erudite comment. With appreciation, I have altered as advised.

There’s a minor suggestion to one of the poems – It’s should be Its.     It’s means it is, it was, or it has.”

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