Surprise to learn that Jaan means bowl in Sanskrit, and is the logo for this modern French 40-50 seat restaurant. It is located on the 70th floor, out of 73 floor, on the building, 226 m tall, built in 1986. Though not the tallest building in Singapore (Plaza with 288m), it is high enough to have a bird’s majestic view of Marina Bay. Jaan is considered as one of the top 100 World’s Best Restaurant, and is the 17th best in Asian. To me the line-up is not important, it is the dine and ambience. The chef is Julien Royer, and his artisanal (artfully skilled and fine) cuisine is indeed par excellence. Every dish is an art, beautifully carved, tongue wagging, gastronomic delight. It is as good as any Michelin stars. If you can afford wine pairing (S680 pax), you will see stars at the end of ordeal. For lunch, a simple 3 course, is S 68, plus S40 for a glass of wine, S12 for Cheese with truffle, add S 15 for lamb (very small, but excellent portion). The lamb was the superb, so was the mushroom tea, and even the salad and dessert was among the best. It was a small birthday celebration.


  1. The Emu

    That is quisine at its best, artistic and a gourmet delight.
    The view is spectacular.
    If I ever make it to Singapore it will be on my dining list.
    I passed through Singapore on my way to Vietnam in 1970.
    Unfortunately it was an airport stop only.
    Emu aka Ian


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