Dust collects in cobwebs,
spiders abandon, rats roam,
rule the once magnificent mansion,
as feudal patrimonial lords.
Funds turn into private fun,
water leakages, wastages, abuses of sorts,
the constant beat of tribal war drums,
structure in constant neglect,
beyond repair and care.
The walls have cracked,
strange scripts in collapsing roof,
reveals the shimmering shine of half moon.
The scene has frightened and threatened
many talented tenants and even kindred.
They all see the house becoming haunted,
ghosts and jins fly around,
wailing day and night,
innocents thrown out of tower,
blasts into smithereens,
rob or murder in open streets.
To either hell or heaven,
the cry for justice turn louder,
in this haunted house,
no longer called a home.


4 thoughts on “HAUNTED HOUSE

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Thanks Ian. Even Hitchcock will be confused by all the legal, political, social taboos and entanglement in a haunted place. You need to wear sun glass in court, or even cover the head for ghostly identification. Confuse? Can’t blame you, for most of us are in same boat.

  1. Kan

    All 3 houses are in a deplorable state – the upper, lower and the provincial.Ruined by men who hold the sceptre and the book.GHOSTS? you know they are there.You can’t catch them but they can haunt you, rob you – even in broad daylight.

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Thank you Kan. I enjoy your interpretation of the poem. Many well meaning intellectual elect to become ghost busters, but in the process become ghosts themselves. It’s the education or may be there’s more life in the demon world. After all, Satan is a fallen angel.


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