In a disorderly digital age,
contemplates saying of ancient sages,
unchallenged faith in the canon,
scholars wrote all the sermons.
There are still rooms for doubt,
Eye for an eye, devotee don’t shout.
Neither slave, nor puppets,
to any truth bigots trumpet.
Good fate is kind faith,
unkind minds are easy bait.


I have decided to insert these two poems together.



peace and compassion

cannon hide in the Canon

blood path in Paris



The first poem in my second book is “Canon and Cannon”, for it is the most widely read poem in my blog, for reasons not known to me. Yet no reader has queried the silence of “cannon” in that short poem. The above haiku will break that silence.



8 thoughts on “CANON AND CANNON

      1. Dr Yen Siew Siang

        We do not measure…we do not have to! Only scientist measures but he is a western scientist trained in Western way and we have our old Chinese wisdom dated back to 3000 years old ago and this Wisdom observed Nature and Universe and use Spiritual mind to shape their lives. And they seek Well Being by using daily diet as medicine and live with the flow of Nature. If against, we are asking for a trouble.

        But what happen nowadays, we have so much knowledge and technology savvy yet we suffer with fear like old days people who did not have enough to eat or proper shelter to protect himself come heavy rain or strong wind!

        II we still use religions word …human will fight with blood till end to protect his own belief! And where is their faith? Eckhart Tolle described very well human behaviour in his Power of Now book.

        Spread religion, we spread hatred we divide people. Spread Spiritual we spread love we unite people. Religions is exclusive…Spiritual is inclusive just like Universe Law! All or None!

      2. wonkywizard Post author

        You are right there. The great divide is not religion per se, but religiosity without spirituality. Divisions are mainly herd instinct; insecurity deep down; destructiveness. Belief and belong are great holding power in society.

  1. Dr Yen Siew Siang

    Canon and Cannon

    For a moment I am not sure of which one you meant!
    I have to check and this is the price we pay for technology
    Short form and spelling become confusing

    Yes, we live in a digital age yet we are more disorganised
    Unlike ancient sages orderly they live
    In a very challenging world they face
    Yet clear like canon full with Wisdom
    Scholars are men may wrote all the sermons
    But from their ego mind sure we have doubt

    Eye for an eye, true spiritual wise devotees do not have to shout
    Slaves or puppets surely cannot shout
    Bigots trumpet because they are blind!
    Cannot see eye to eye…with others
    Can only see themselves as the only Truth
    But in fact they are the stupid Fool

    Whatever faith good or kind
    Unkind minds are Ego Mind
    They are their own bait

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Thank you Dr. Yen again. You were right that the two words could be confused. Canon (the root word is cane; the rod is symbol for power, punishment and measure). Cannon has an extra “n”, which is for nuts and their firepower. I ave written a haiku for that:

      peace and compassion
      cannon hide in the Canon
      blood path in Paris

  2. Dr Yen Siew Siang

    Dr Lim …you write very well but how come the publishers do not see eye to eye with you? Cannot recognize your talent. I wonder why…

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      They told me poetry had no market, thereby unwilling to look at my manuscript, even if Ipay to self publish. Would your publisher willing to accept my script?


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