From Ordos, we travel north to Baotou (deer city) to visit Genghis Khan (Temujin) Mausoleum. In the last few days, we have been watching the long DVD about his saga. Khan unites all the tribes in Mongolian Plateau into one military-political dictatorship, thus ceasing endless wars, plunder, rape and robbery among the nomads. He instils both loyalty and fear into them. He employs expert foreign help, including Han Chinese, Indians, Arabs, Tibetans. I think he was abled to conquer China (Yuan Dynasty, lasting only 99 years under his grandchildren, Kublai Kahn), and Europe with better horsemanship, cavalry weapons, fierce fighting strategies, riders gallop communication at speed of 200 miles per day. Besides, he sought help to invent a Mongolian language, from initially Uihgur script to cryllic script, with 35 alphabets. The Mongolian was too small, and over extend itself, and more suited to nomadic lives in the past. The Mongolians also convert from shamanism to Lamaism, with much more accommodation and tolerance to ethnic differences.

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