My grand daughter and other children often asked such simple questions which are not always easy to reply. Here is my attempt. Please comment if you disagree or have suggestions to make.


Tell me, the reasons people pray.
to say thank you, wish, ask what may,
and, does Buddha, God or Almighty listen,
world uncertain, believers notion are certain.

Tell me, how do I know which is the truth,
find out with changing and dropping tooth.
the answers less important than how you live,
reverence, compassion, and the heart to give.

Tell me, how I know the teaching is right,
when mind is bright, heart without spite.
you feel happy, joy shared by dears and peers,
faith without tears and smears, ears are clear.

2 thoughts on “PRAY

  1. aussieian2011

    A very thoughtful quandary my friend. I think many people pray for many reasons and religions, but in the finish, praying is the one thing we all can do without being judged by our fellow man.


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