Its so real,
touching and holding you
with my warm bare hands.
The joy of feeling,
smoothering and tossing
you over with wet kisses,
wordless tongue, lost in time,
lost myself in you,
alone and in solitude,
in our own private world,
no sharing with another,
no wired connectivity,
slow or fast,
foreplay and climax.
I am dying,
in the pleasure and process
of reading leisure.

6 thoughts on “FOREPLAY

  1. Dr Yen Siew Siang

    Dr Lim Keng Huat,

    I laugh non stop
    With your so real and stimulating
    Of Foreplay
    I imagine this man
    Sure have experienced True Love

    Union between man and woman
    The Ultimate Expression of Love
    To be able to express so well
    Even the romantic novel I read those days
    During my teenage years with my limited English
    I was loss
    Beyond my wildest imagination

    Yes I am choked breathless
    Almost die
    With climax reading your pleasure words
    Leisurely you express
    But you make your readers
    Full of sympathetic sweat and passion inside

    I am your ardent follower now!
    Thank you for opening a new world of poem

    But I surely cannot rhyme yet
    One day perhaps I will if I could meet you
    Eye to eye …
    Look into a man
    Whose heart is bottomless deep…

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Thank you Dr. Yen for the kind comment. The word, Fore Play, evokes erotica and sex, which is a great motivating force. A lot of our activities are sensuous without being sexual. In a digital world, with e-book and e-reading, the sense of touch, holding on to a physical book, is a sensual engagement, and that intercourse feeling is lost among many readers.

      1. Dr Yen

        Dr Lim,

        Erotica and Sex
        A great motivating force
        But nowadays man has no more drive
        Or has an erotica drive but too bad
        Modern lifestyle of digital world
        Fast and furious

        Suppress a man who cannot compete this pace
        Loss his sensual feeling…
        Stress with his obligation daily work
        Like a robot he is living day by day!
        No passion
        no motivation
        no looking forward…

        Last thing in his muddle chaotic mind
        Touch and hug
        Simply enjoying the paradise of sensual engangement
        The real feeling of intercourse
        He will never know in his life time

        What a tragic loss to a human
        As to love and to be loved
        Is a fundamental drive
        To live Fully deliriously falling in love
        Again and again
        Reading stimulating seeds of thoughts
        From a creative mind of yours Dr Lim!

      2. wonkywizard Post author

        Thank you Dr. Yen for liking my poems. Many publishers here and in Singapore don’t bother to look at my manuscript. When we allow the market to decide on “value”, what is creative writing then?

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