My niece is getting married in the next week-end. I was invited to accompany her brother for wine selection.

Asiaeuro is a wine importer, and naturally the range of wine is much more than a lot of wine merchants. It is located in a factory site, on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

The selection comes with tasting (chilled white, and red), sausage and cheese, in proper wine glasses.
My nephew made his price range. We selected the best wine together with the budget in mind. The lady generously uncorked or unscrewed a couple of bottles, and we consumed all. He bought about 4 dozens for the wedding. About three dozens of Chilean Red, and another dozen of better grades for those who stayed sober. Church Block by Australia should be an excellent wine for Chinese dinner. Which grade we should consume first would depend on the company we were with.  I took the opportunity to buy some finer ones (but not too expensive; French Burgundy and Chianti Special Reserve) for personal consumption.

Good wine-dine pairing, with the right friends around and good ambience, are always fun. Drink in moderation always, and you have to decide your own moderation. Despite my liking for fine cuisine, my weight has been maintained. Of course, one has to select the food. I exercise at least five times a week, for half – one hour per session. Cholesterol level, LDl, HDL, are still fairly good. No harm taking a lowering medication, and monitor blood level. You may not die of Coronary Heart or stroke, but cancer or road accidents. Genetics play a significant role, and you can’t do much about it. Stress and adequate sleep are significant factors. When you sleep, you sleep; if you can’t sleep, don’t try to sleep. For stress, build your own firewall – usually a balanced view on money, sex and people. Bad friends are liked cancer.


wine rack

wine rack


One of the wine tasting rooms

One of the wine tasting rooms


  1. aussieian2011

    Enjoyed reading that post my friend, you combined it all.
    Enjoyment in moderation and appreciation.
    Your last few words summed it all up perfectly
    A balanced view on money, sex and people. Bad friends are liked cancer.
    Cheers my friend and keep enjoying life.


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