Young and full of bull wit,

in front pages of world politics, a shit pit,

making headlines in media,

heroes and heroines of the year.

Their umbrellas revolve against time,

as pawns in proxy wars,

games the colonizers and colonized,

play to wrestle and test muscles.

Right from the start,

the protest is not seen as innocent,

simple students and residents request,

to air their future concern.

These banana kids,

study British history and high culture,

taught moral responsibility and law,

ignore mention of opium wars and treaties.

In the process of protests,

they undress their Chinese ness,

forget the context of the address.

These smart kids are fast to start a war,

like bulls, rampage cannot end at all,

until blood is written on roads,

for western writers on road shows.

4 thoughts on “BULL WIT

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      PRC considered the Joint Declaration null and void after 1997. No where in the Basic Policy one could find “direct representative democracy” claimed by the protestors. So what does UK government want? Like it or not, people of HK are Chinese citizens. The Basic Law of one country two system is the Constitution of PRC.

  1. Kan

    True but Section 1. Article 45 has been hotly contested to no end.Too much latitude and leeway is given and to a fault. Those leaders are law faculty academics pushing to extremities,the interpretation of the basic law

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      These people could interpret what they want, what could they do about it. To start another modern opium war? Don’t forget there is a nation separation law. It might end up a protracted war of protests, and watch who could outlast the other. HK need the central government more; the trend has changed.


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