Hearts take recess in between beats,

minds rest even in dreams that cheat.

For several nights, the thinking cuts the sleep,

tick tock until dawn, wake up counting sheep.

Work, web games and chit chat well past midnight,

no caffeine or alcohol after dusk, yet sleep not right,

full of ideas and energy to spare, he swears,

euphoria not share by friends, cannot bear.

Unable to think straight, takes longer sleep in day,

tired, mind and mood sway, reality shows the way.

Poor sleep habit affects emotional reaction,

no disordered thoughts, conflict and friction.

Seek help for problems in sleep and mood,

Bipolar, to keep secret from parents is rude.

Diagnosis and medication are given fast,

Not realizing the tag is scar and outcast.

Swinging insomnia drives one crazy and cranky,

Listen and watch without hurry, less worry.

Give hand to people who wander at edge of cliff,

Don’t push with drugs, but pull back without riff.

The biological heart is easier to comprehend,

the human mind is more subtle to apprehend.

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