Sixty years ago, or more,
left the island to study ashore.
Twenty five thousand, in this swampy place, resides,
more houses build, more boats, along the river side.
The tides change, the population dwindles,
the young moves out for better living, senior dangle,
a retirement village for five thousand remains,
tourists flock in, bicycles lanes built for concrete gains.
Return home few times without homesickness sentiments,
the river that almost drowned me is gone with vengeance.
My old school is burnt in a fire, opium dens are now banned,
enjoys my occasional puff, the doses too small for dreamland,
watches gambling along streets, delinquency is not in brain,
as development reign, my childhood memories slowly wane.
Without nostalgia, there is no sickness to think of home,
lapse of a decade, I revisit my island, without desire to roam.

NB My home town is Pulau Ketam, a small fishing village, built on mangrove swamps.PK, literally means Crab Island, is reachable by boat via Port Klang. In the past, it took some seventy five min. by engine powered boats to reach there, plus two sampan boat rides, as the big boats were not allowed to stop at the jetty. I studied my primary one here.

5 thoughts on “NO HOME SICKNESS

  1. The Emu

    Enjoyed that visit to Crab island, your hometown, I followed the changes to the island through your words.
    Great colorful pictures, I particularly liked the children playing the drums.
    Its also lovely to see that some traditional habits are maintained.
    A lovely island and a place I would like to visit one day.
    Emu aka Ian

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Ian ,Crab Island has now become a great tourist attraction. On week-ends and public holidays, the crowd outnumbered the local. It is a distraction for city folks.

      1. The Emu

        Think I would still like to visit there mate, I am sure that on a normal island day, outside of tourists, I would still see some of the beautiful traditional style of the island.
        Cheers and have a great day my friend.
        Emu aka Ian

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