There are widespread flood in Malaysia and disaster elsewhere. This poem is written to encourage charity and sharing, and to encourage volunteers to keep their good work. However, it is noted that disaster brings human kindness and compassion as a connected grief, in good times, such positive thoughts and emotion maybe not so evident.


Human hearts and mind are so elusive,
play hide and seek, with uncertain motive,
The real and the true are hard to know,
facts and fiction takes time to show or blow.
When disaster strikes somewhere,
linked grief gets support everywhere.
Suffering is the bane, and the boon of living,
giving or taking is choice of cheating or sharing.
Disaster provides chance for charity and merit,
before final exit to Eden’s Garden, take an audit.


  1. The Emu

    I am so sorry for the disaster that has befallen your country.
    There are many people here in Australia who have links to Malaysia, they too are feeling the pain.
    Your writing is beautiful, and in the face of adversity, people do put aside their differences, and join in mutual support and aid.
    Your country has my commiserations and prayers.
    Emu aka Ian

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Many states are flooded. Due to my pre commitment, I am unable to join Tzu Chi Charity Foundation in medical help. I can only offer moral and financial support. Thanks for your prayers, my friend.


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