Appreciation to Mr. David Goh, who found this farm in 1986, to promote interest in entomology. It is situated at the foothills of Teluk Bahang Hills, along the island’s coastal roads, with crazy, congested, tall condos.
Tourists need to be extra careful with Penang drivers, especially the bikies, the modern dare devils with no brains on the traffic at all. In Penang, we shall encounter lots of foreign backpackers. Otherwise this place is suitable for both adults and kids to visit, and educative for all age levels. One will learn why the insect is called a butterfly, and find comparative meaning of life between the insect and humans.

Food in Penang. For the first night, we were invited by my brother and sister-in-law; the second dinner was invited by local friends, with whisky, wine.


  1. The Emu

    Butterflys are a fascinating part of entymology, so beautiful and diverse in colour.
    Your pictures show an ideal breeding habitat for these beautiful creatures.
    I have an old army friend here in Australia, who also has a Butterfly breeding farm, its beautiful to enter the enclosure, the Butterflys actualy land on you, their colours are a delight.

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Ian, you are indeed right, they do land on your body, including outstretched palm. They are non toxic and do not bite. Children have no fear of them. Their life cycles are fascinating.


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