I took my grandson to a nursery for 2 -3 years old, where there were another six western children. Large spacious room, air conditioned and good lighting, where I found comfort in reading for two hour. I was bathed in such bliss watching these children dined, played and sang together. One little girl came to slap me and I responded in exaggerated and dramatic pain, and she giggled with so much fun, You have to share the same mental age to enjoy the fun together. Unfortunately, many people cannot switch their mental age at ease. It appeared ridiculous to be reading Bronnie Ware’s,The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, at random. I was read a chapter of Xan Xue’s Red Leaves, narrating about a hospital for terminally ill patients, with ghostly visitation. Hope you enjoy this poem.


In your dying, regret living in shadow of expectation, not life you wish for;

Idealize the road not travelled; imagine the unlived life will fulfill more.

Regret not enough quality time spent with the family and friends until late;

Freedom of choices begets opportunities, options open risks, changing fate.

Even Monkey God lack hindsight, despite its seventy-two transformations,

Lured by a monk the magic headband he wore was a holy brain contraption.

Regret the beginning of power and mind control, simian mind become human;

Against the lusty pigsy, deluded sandy and evils, monkey becomes holy Bastian.

In living, wish to reincarnate into a super cyborg, live in the dream of dream;

With the golden staff smash into smithereens the beam of nepotistic regime.

A quantum somersault at the speed of light to meet the creator face to face;

Ask about the imperfect creations and interpreters, regret in the name of grace.

Dying or living, all beings wish to attune to feeling true and happy in all ways;

Regret life is as slippery as fish, opportunity don’t avail at right time and relay.


  1. The Emu

    A beautiful post Wonkywizard, enjoyed the reading and the picture you painted with the little girl.
    It’s beautiful to adapt yourself into the mentality of little minds, then you join their world and see through their minds.

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      These innocent children are so happy together, but when they grow up, they begin to identify and divide, If we can see the world thru such innocent minds, there will be nothing to regret. Despite all these regrets of they dying, I doubt the living has learned from them. That’s really a regret!


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