While waiting, I borrow time to dream my dream,

marvelous Instagram drifts in seductive digital stream.

An old dog bites its own tail, reincarnation is nailed,

kicks his ball into own post, the myth is now impaled.

The wise compassionate refuses to eat his humble pie,

at end of life, we sigh, and bless the world good-bye.

We are heir to our kamma, nirvana is devoid of air,

worthy of prize, prevent future war to show care.

We live in borrowed time, term either short or long,

rebirthing in the moment, the breathe  we belong.

2 thoughts on “BORROWED TIME

  1. The Emu

    Beautiful words, defining life.
    We do live on borrowed time between birth and death.
    It’s what we accomplish in between that defines our Karma.


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