It was a quiet and smooth sail along the Yangtze River. It was a beautiful morning for tours.All our three meals per day were in the cruise. Food was five star hotel buffet; not fine dine, but fairly good and could easily find a couple of dishes that relished the individual palate. A waitress ( Yong Yong)and a waitor (Chen Hou) were always at our services,  three tables of 23 people in the group. Each meal lasted about 1 -2 hours with interesting conversation.  Nutrition and health was a common topic.It’s impossible to enjoy your meals, counting and worrying about calories and cholesterol. I thought their doctors had given them the usual medical advices, which to me, were all not correct, for laboratory biochemistry reflected poorly on actual health and fitness status. Consume protein and fat first, chose carbohydrate that have low glycemic indexes; avoid sugar, sweet desserts and drinks. Don’t worry about coffee, green tea if your body could take it.  Don’t forget about water hydration.

There were two tours per day; one included in the package (together with three meals), the other was optional at RMB 290 each. Each group was allocated a tour guide from the cruise, plus your own home guide. The morning tour was like living in a fairy land; the Three Gorges Dam was more historic and scientific.


    1. wonkywizard Post author

      It’s beautiful views. Unfortunately, I am not a professional photographer. It will be good to have a draught or wine here, sipping nature’s beauty slowly.

  1. The Emu

    The Yangtze river is captivating, I remember reading books from British Colonial days, that spoke of the great Yangtze river, its beauty and splendor.
    Your pictures go into my bucket list in case I don’t make my bucket list.
    Your festive food occasions are always a tease.
    The secret to good eating once you are seated is, forget your Doctor, forget your medical ailments, and converse with those around and share the moment.
    Nothing lasts forever.


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