I was sipping my piccolo latte at Express Lab reading a small booklet by Krishnamurthi Foundation of America. Decades ago I formed K.I.C.K. (Krishnamurthi Information Centre,Klang), with the intention of encouraging Malaysians to read his work. There was some initial interest, but that fire could not be sustained for long. I owe my intellectual debt to two people, both dead and still much alive: the Buddha and J. Krishnamurthi. I have not read both for a long time. In fact I found people who read too many were often entangled by quotes that had no meaning in them. In a living teaching, you always feel it inside you. The Noble Eightfold Path was the art of balancing your faculties to face the changing self and world, with your awareness of “what is”. It is important to learn that all living is relationship of one kind or another, happiness, sad etc. To relate well is to be able to tell your story, good or bad, sad or happy. And you like to share your stories with your listeners, but they may like to hear your sad side, or your gossips more than your positive tales. In Malaysia, the dominant may not like to listen to the narratives of the suppressed. The Japanese are not keen to listen to past hurt and grouses of the Chinese and other Asians. Americans can only relate if they are in a superior dominant status. All these negativity are due to fear. They hold the relationship with wrong expectation and hope. Even in dyad relationship, each partner has different story to narrate, and often it is difficult to verbalise them. The mirror of relationship is thus a reflection and discovery of oneself. In other words, relationship is self knowledge, according to my understanding. In a difficult relationship even with old buddies, we need to attune ourselves and balance the changing conditions. We don’t have much time to be diplomatic and nice. We need to select and again choice must be made.

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